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Planetary Gear Units
Flange Mounted Planetary Gears
Shaft Mounted Planetary Gears
Foot Mounted Planetary Gears
High Torque ''S-Series''Kettenantriebe
Wheel Drives
Track Drives
Slewing Drives
Winch Drives
Mixer Gears
Pump Drives
Special Drives (custom specs)

Dana-Brevini Fluid Power

Hydraulic Power Pacs
P.T.O. Gear Boxes
Mechanical Clutches
Electromagnetic Clutches
Belt Pulley Supports

Dana-PIV Drives

Parallel and Right Angle Gearboxes
Parallel Axis Lifting Gears
Compact Right Angle Gearmotors
Double Shaft Gears
Right Angle Units for Precision-Applications
Single Screw Extruder DrivesVertical Gear Units
Twin Screw Extruder Drives
Injection Moulding Machine Drives
Large Industrial Planetary Units
High Torque Industrial Planet. Gear Units
Ultra Compact Shaftmounted Gear Units
Special Purpose Gear Units
Customised and Special Drives
Industrial Variators
Chain Variable Drives
Ball-Disks Variable Speed Drives
CVT for Mobile Applications

Dana-Brevini Posiplan

Flange Mounted Planetary Gears
Ultra Compact Shaft-Mounted Gear Units
Planetary Helical Parallel Axis Gearboxes
Bevel-Planet. Helical Right Ang. Gearboxes


Highly Flexible Couplings for Cardan Drvs
HF Coupl. for Pleasure Boats
HF Coupl. for High-Speed Boats
HF Coupl. for Work-Boats
HF Coupl. for Railway Drives
HF Coupl. for Power Station Drives
HF Coupl. for Compressor Drives
HF Coupl. for Diesel-Hydr. Drives
HF Coupl. for Diesel-Electr. Drives


Differential Axles
Steering Axles
4x4 Drives
Special Axles (Customer Specs)